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Connect intelligence across data, things, networks, and the cloud so you can respond quickly to make every moment secure.


Nokia is a proven leader in fixed, mobile and IoT security

在线免费观看Nokia technologies and expertise can help you protect your network and services. We have worked as a security system integrator for many years. Today, we are involved in more than 500 security projects worldwide, offering capabilities that range from design to support. We also lead the industry in securing commercial LTE networks.

We leverage our work in security standards forums to design solutions that fully address the security requirements of complex networks.


Today, cyber threats are sophisticated and constantly evolving.

在线免费观看Protecting your data – and your customers’ – is a top priority for your organization. Ultimately, your success and reputation depend on robust, resilient and intelligent security.

Our security portfolio helps you keep networks, communications, and devices safe from cyber threats. It lets you combine signaling and media security, threat intelligence, efficient alarm correlation, and machine learning to support a preventive and proactive security strategy that protects your high-value assets and services.

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